Day Twelve: Early Mornings With Shaun T

My workout routine has been seriously lacking lately. I use to start my mornings with an early workout to get my day started right but I got out of the habit. As difficult as it was to get out of bed this morning I did it and got in my 25 minutes with Shaun T. It has been a while so I was struggling the whole time but I did it! 👍🏼 😁 #findingthehappy 

Day Eleven: New IPhone? 

By some twisted fate I dropped my phone yesterday breaking a chunk out of it and shattering the screen. Ironic because 1. I had just ordered a new protective case for the phone and literally dropped it as soon as I got home to put the case on it and 2. The new iPhone www being announced the very next day. Weird huh? So I watched the #applekeynote on my lunch break at work and caught w glimpse of the new phone. It seems pretty impressive! I’m torn between the new iPhone or switching to a android but the thought of a new toy brighten up my otherwise pretty mundane day 😁 So tell me, upgrade to the iPhone 7 or switch to Android? #findingthehappy 

Day Nine: Packed

Today was another trying day, things kept going missing all day and I felt like I was losing my mind! Not little things either, for one our passports went missing! Thankfully we found them! Thank Allah! I Guess it is to be expected with all the packing and moving of things around for our upcoming trip. Was able to get a majority of my bag packed today, yes a whole two weeks early but that is besides the point😂 The planner in me got a little over zealous but at least it is done! The countdown to Pakistan begins! #findingthehappy 

Day Eight: It has pockets! 

#100happydays Day Eight: It has pockets!
Today was a struggle my happiness challenge in a major way, it was just one of those days when I just couldn’t get out of my funk. So what’s the solution? Some retail therapy! And there is no better feeling then putting on a dress and realizing it has pockets! I don’t know why dresses with pockets make me so happy but I know I’m not the only one, I’ve seen the memes 😂 needless to say I got the dress and I will be telling everyone it has pockets 😂 #findingthehappy 

Day Seven: Spiritual Progress

I am ashamed to say in my 30 years I have not read the entire Quran in Arabic. While I studied periodically in my youth as I grew older my reading became more and more sporadically. A few months ago I started taking Quran classes online on the weekends and have gotten back in the habit of reading regularly. Today I started the 3rd juz of the Quran and am reading Arabic at the best level I ever have. While I am sad it has taken me this long to read consistently, it is proof that it is never too late to get started #findingthehappy 

Day Six: Productive Fridays

Is there anything more satisfying than crossing an item off your ever growing to do list? Fell in a bit of a panic yesterday when I realized how little time I have before my upcoming trip overseas. I immediately made a lengthy to do list and felt better knowing that I had a course of action. While I didn’t get it all done today I was able to manage crossing off 11 things off my list of 23! Tomorrow on to remaining 10!