Day Twenty Five: Jasmine Flower Bracelets & Accessory Shopping

My last day in Karachi before leaving to meet my new sister in law was a hectic but super fun one! Spent the day shopping for my wedding accessories and I’m getting more and more excited by the minute! We ended the day with dinner at OPTP (one potato two potato); a staple Pakistan restaurant (when in Rome…) I cannot come to Pakistan without buying my favorite Jasmine flower bracelets, I can now say I am getting the true Pakistan experience

Day Twenty Three: Daddy Daughter Time

I don’t often get much one-on-one time with my dad as he works third shift and is often asleep when I come home or vice versa. While our flight was long and at times tiring it was fun getting to spend some genuine time with him. Our playful banter, (i.e. competition for who can get more likes on facebook lol) and conversation helped the plane ride go by much quicker #findingthehappy

Day Twenty Two: Pakistan Here We Come! 

After a long week in anticipation we are finally on our way to Pakistan! Although the preparations have been long and at times stressful I am looking forward to all that lies ahead. I will be trying my best to continue to post my #100hapydays posts but sometimes I will be at the mercy of my wifi connection. Please keep me and my fathers safe arrival in your prayers! #QureshiWedding #findingthehappy