Sorry. Not Sorry 

A question to ask yourself:

How many times do you say “sorry” in a day? How many of them are warranted vs how many of them are unnecessary.

I realize that I have a bad habit of apologizing for things that I:

  1. Have zero control over
  2. Have no reason to apologize for

I caught myself the other day apologizing TWICE for asking to see the jewelry behind the counter at a retail store. I remember walking away thinking to myself why on earth was I apologizing? It is their job!

There are far worst things then being overly polite but when you apologize constantly it can do one of two things:

  1. You apologize for everything so you give the impression that the word sorry doesn’t mean much to you. If every other word out of your mouth is sorry then the weight of the world doesn’t mean much to you.
  2. When you constantly apologize for things outside of your control you can give the impression that you feel like you are apologizing for your presence in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. You should never apologize for felling like you are a waste of space.

So I am doing a bit of a social experiment and monitoring how many times a day I say sorry. Doing this has keep me very mindful of how often I say it and has kept me in check from my over apologizing tendency.  It is going to be a process but I think keeping it in the back of my mind well really help  me make positive changes towards excluding a more confident and less apologetic me (unless warranted of course 😉 ).



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