Ever go see a movie on your own?

A random question, however I have realized that it is something that I have never done in my 27 years. I was interested in finding out if others were like me so I took to Facebook, twitter and tumblr posing the question to my family and friends. I was surprised to see that I was actually in the minority and that nearly everyone admitted to having gone to see a film on their own. This fact although subjective and trivial intrigued me. In my mind, for whatever reason, there is an assumed stigma to going to watch a movie on your own. Now don’t get me wrong, I love spending time alone and have never actively been opposed to going to the theater by myself, I just have never done it. Perhaps sub-consciously I never considered it as an option due to my assumed stigma on the issue but feel like it it would be an empowering experience. Why let fear or insecurities keep me from having amazing experiences even if they are experienced on my own? When it comes down to it, most people probably don’t pay as much attention to us as we tend to think so why let them hold you back? So before the end of 2013 I have vowed to have a movie date with myself and love every minute of it. It may small thing but I believe that doing something for the first time and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can be a very rewarding and empowering thing. I will let you all know how my experience goes!

Have you ever been to see a movie on your own? How was the experience?


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