Growing Pains

A family member called me out today, said I need to grow up. While it took me aback her words struck a chord with me. I find that I do want to be taken more seriously both personally and professionally but not at the cost of losing what makes me uniquely me.

To be 100 percent honest I have lived a pretty sheltered life, the only daughter among my siblings my parents, bless their hearts, put me on a pedestal. I’ve always been a person who never took herself too seriously, I wear my inner child as my outer child and laugh often. I can be in my own head a lot which can often give people the impression that I am dim-witted or aloof. All of these things combined have lead me to the place I am now where although I am now well into my late 20s I feel like unable to be an adult or at least “adult enough”.

What qualifies as being “adult enough” anyways? Does it always require a serious and dull outlook on life? Is this that quarter life crisis everyone talks about? They say that your twenties are about finding yourself but what if who you are no longer seems to fit in what is deemed “age appropriate”?

All questions that I ask myself as I am working at finding the appropriate balance of age appropriate and my outer child.


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