Following my Moral Compass

So I had an interview earlier this week which was nothing at all what I was expecting. Although the position could have potentially prove to be a great opportunity for growth, the company’s philosophy was not well aligned with my morals. I left the interview disappointed knowing that it was not the right fit for me but happy that I was following my moral compass.  I emailed the company later thanking them for their time  and letting them know that I didn’t think the postion was the right fit

Although at first I felt defeated at first, the interview proved to open my eyes to a valuable lesson:

I have to work for a cause that I believe in

My experiences in life have taught me that my passion lies in creativity and in helping others. While two things may seem on opposite sides of the spectrum I’ve learned that it is possible to inspire and help others through creativity. Most people see as us right brained, creative types as unrealistic dreamers with our head in the clouds but art and creative thought in all forms is a very powerful thing. It can move people.

So despite this interview being a bust I embrace this “valley” of life and trudge forward as each step gets me closer to my ultimate goal.


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