Be kind to yourself in self-isolation

It has been a number of years since I’ve post anything to any of my blogs. I stopped blogging for a number of reasons, primarily because I was very critical of my writing and it stopped being fun for me. I really hadn’t thought about revisiting writing until the COVID-19 outbreak required an extended period of time in isolation. I have been using the time to purge baggage, both physically and mentally. When you are stuck at home, it is easy to get overwhelmed with your thoughts and over analyze everything and I am working hard to prioritize my mental health.

I recently read an article that followed the journey of an incarcerated man who spent over 2 decade in solitary confinement. He was sharing his perspective on time spent in isolation and his words really helped me put things in perspective. In the article he says,

“Being in solitary confinement is really just being thrown upon yourself.”

That is a very profound way to think about spending time alone. As self proclaimed introvert, I usually relish my moments alone, however the past two week have shown me the power isolation can have for an extended period of time. You have to get comfortable sitting with yourself, flaws and all. I have been trying to use the time I’ve been gifted as an opportunity for self development all while while still being gentle with myself. I’ve allowed myself to have bad days and sit in my feelings of despair while still practicing gratitude and self care.

I start each morning with a gratitude practice and choose a single thing that I am grateful for to focus on for the day. When i find myself falling into my pit of despair I try and refocus my thoughts on my gratitude of the day. While not a perfect method, I have found that it can really help me refocus on the good.

I implore you to not neglect you mental health during this time where such an emphasis is being put on physical health. Be kind to yourself my friends. ♥️